Wednesday, November 10, 2010


This section of my portfolio shows my concentration series for the 2009- 2010 school year. This series focuses on the use of line to create shape and form by using pattern, negative space, and positive space. By using common found materials I want to show that simplicity can be elegant as well. With a good plan and creativity something common can be turned into something extraordinary:

My piece Mask shows the complexity of expression through the view of the naked eye. By displaying line and pattern in unity, one can show the personification of objects as different people. A blank canvas encourages inner meditation of one's own persona. One's individual thoughts and ideas are brought out and layered on the piece creating a phenomena of expression and symbolism in front of the viewers naked eye. (Paper, 2010)

Grasshopper shows the simplicity of life through line and repetition. It represents both the daily routines and the physical body of the human being. It shows the connection that the human species has with nature. It shows that nature no matter how free and majestic it is, is full of rules and procedures that it can't simply do without. ( Paper, 2009)

Trimid displays the varied characteristics that complete a person. Alone, these characteristics have the potential to lose control without any type of counter balance. It is only when inner balance is achieved that one can truly be at peace. We spend our lives learning, gaining knowledge, but what we are truly doing is trying to find ourselves in that bag of outside influences. If we lose any part of ourselves we are in danger of completely losing stability and control of our emotional structure. The three pyramids represent the choices that result from our characteristics and those choices build that structure of who we are. (Paper, 2010)

Crescent Shoe shows the magnificent qualities that resonate through simplicity. A line creates a statement and a climax of lines show fortitude and confidence. Yet, by manipulating the way these lines are placed something more can be manifested, illusion. An illusion that is no more real than what the mind makes it. A simple illusion or idea becomes omnipotent and superb at spreading itself into a new way of thinking. ( Paper, 2009)                                              

Seaweed shows the representation of life through the means of inorganic material. Life cannot be recreated, it is unique, beautiful, and transient. Our precedent to preserve life for all eternity has resulted in the detour of life being preserved in art. Weathering, erosion, not even the ticking hour glass of life can efface the mellifluous nature of the inner spirit of mankind. Fortitude and will power are embodied by us simply by not giving up. Seaweed tries to embody the magnificent quality of nature (us within) with a simple manipulation of a material that with time and constant support can thrive into a firm flower. ( Metal, 2009)

Torso shows the culminations of choices that impact our lives, but that define the path that we take. (Wood (Bamboo), 2010)

Reach- to achieve, to reach with effort. This piece signifies what can be accomplished through hard work and perseverance, As one progresses, one gains knowledge and skills which add on and push one's limit of possibility even further. (Metal, 2010)

Sunbug is the conjunction of a smaller sculpture repeated four times. With an increase in the quantity of building blocks, a new idea can be built. Every time a new building block is aggregated, a new idea can blossom. (Metal, 2010)

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